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Criminal Background Checks

Any finalist who is employed at another State agency or university must have a background check prior to employment at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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What types of checks are conducted? The following background check components will be conducted:. Additional written communication is provided only if a candidate is potentially disqualified, either wholly or in part, due to the results of the background check. In that case, certain notifications are required under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Under these circumstances, if a background check is a factor in the appointment decision, the candidate must be provided with the following material:. The candidate has five 5 calendar days after receipt of the materials listed above to provide a written explanation regarding the adverse results in question, or to challenge the accuracy of the results with the consumer reporting agency.

A second certified letter final adverse letter must be sent to the candidate after the five-day period if the background check results were a factor in the decision not to hire the candidate. If a current employee is discovered to have:.


In addition, as part of the application process, all employees have a duty to report any convictions that have occurred subsequent to and following commencement of service to the University under the Reporting of Criminal Convictions for Currently Employed Faculty and Staff. What information do candidates need to disclose on the background-check questionnaire? Candidates must disclose all names used and all addresses of residences within the last seven 7 years. Candidates must also disclose all convictions for unlawful offenses.

Examples: DUI, DWI, worthless checks, violations of local ordinances or state laws that result in fines, misdemeanors, felonies, etc. Candidates should list all convictions, even if the candidate thinks the incident was minor. What happens if a candidate does not disclose all conviction information? Current employees may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. How does the appointing department know the result of the check?

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If the background check includes adverse results, the Office of Human Resources will consult with the appropriate central office and appointing department. This may include a request for additional information or consultation regarding the convictions found, depending on the type of position for which the candidate has applied. Please refer to the appropriate policy for details. Additionally, if adverse action was taken due wholly or in part to the results of the background check, the Office of Human Resources will provide appropriate contact information in its written notification to the candidate so they can obtain a copy of the information that was provided to the University.

How much will the background check cost, and how will it be paid? The appointing department is responsible for the cost of a background check.

What SC Employers Need to Know About Employee Background Checks

Currently, prices vary depending upon the components included in the check. What type of funds can be used to pay for background checks? For example:. Will the appointing department receive a copy of the background check results? To ensure confidentiality, the Office of Human Resources will provide a background check summary document to appointing departments in lieu of the detailed background check results.

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North Carolina Employment Background Check Discrimination Laws | Legal Beagle

Find us on Flickr. Does a candidate have to give permission for a check to be conducted? In compliance with federal requirements, candidates give permission by electronically signing the Application for Employment and Disclosure and Authorization Release for the online background check. If a candidate declines to give permission, a background check will not be conducted.

How far back does a criminal background check go?

North Carolina Background Checks federal, national and state compliance with laws concerning criminal background checks and driver's record information. Criminal Background Checks. How to do a background check. https://www.

ESR balances assuring a safe workplace with the rights of ex-offenders to work by complying with U. Employment Screening Resources ESR offers job seekers an Applicant Support Center that includes information about ex-offender resources and a whitepaper on how ex-offenders can get back into the workforce. To learn more, visit www.

Any information on this website is for educational purposes only. Courts may also issue certificates if: Twelve months have passed since the individual has completed his or her sentence. For purposes of this subdivision, an individual has not completed his or her sentence until the individual has served all of the active time, if any, imposed for each offense and has also completed any period of probation, post-release supervision, and parole related to the offense that is required by State law or court order.

Legal Questions : Laws on Background Checks

The individual is engaged in, or seeking to engage in, a lawful occupation or activity, including employment, training, education, or rehabilitative programs, or the individual otherwise has a lawful source of support.