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The taxpayers of Glendale were not being offered any guarantee on the bonds.

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It was announced on May 6, , two years after Jerry Moyes put the Coyotes into bankruptcy. Bill Daly spoke to the Council to state that the NHL remains committed to keeping the team in Arizona, whether it is with Hulsizer or another owner. Com Arena the payment is a subsidy for the team's losses. Com Arena received notices of foreclosure.

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Part of the reason given for the foreclosure was the uncertainty around the Coyotes. The Center remained open, and occupancy rates continued to decline. The Steve Ellman companies attempted to reschedule debt on Westgate City Center and surrounding properties to prevent the Center from being sold to settle debt to lenders.

Ellman acquired Westgate in by swapping his ownership in the Coyotes for Jerry Moyes' ownership share of Westgate. Ellman had moved the Coyotes to Glendale in after failing to get an arena built at the former Los Arcos Mall in Scottsdale. The group arranged for exclusive negotiating rights. David Leibowitz, the group's spokesman, confirmed that Kaites is the managing partner of the group.

It represented the second time that Kaites and Reinsdorf had entered into talks to purchase the team. The Jamison group continued its interest in purchasing the Coyotes. In December , after no sale announcement had been made, the media openly speculated that the Coyotes could be relocated to Quebec City if the team fails to find a new owner to keep the team in Glendale in time for the —13 season.

After the realignment for the —12 season was announced which was rejected , commissioner Bettman noted that the new configuration of the league could accommodate relocations if any took place. During annual discussions with the media at the All-Star Game in Ottawa , Bettman revealed that a third group was interested in purchasing the Coyotes.

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Neither Bettman or anyone with the City of Glendale would reveal the identity of the group. Two weeks later, on February 9, , former Phoenix player Jeremy Roenick was revealed to have joined the Jamison group. According to Roenick, the group was interested in purchasing the team along with the Westgate Center.


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The Goldwater Institute released a press release on May 7, stating "We are looking forward to reviewing the details of the deal when they are made public. We hope the new deal complies with the law and protects taxpayers by requiring the private parties involved to bear any related costs. Com Arena. The Goldwater Institute had attempted to have the vote postponed on the basis that the City of Glendale had not provided required documents to the Institute and the general public, but the trial judge refused to block the vote.

The judge ordered Glendale to make its documents public.

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Gary Bettman also attended the meeting and noted that the NHL had extended its deadline of finalizing an agreement from May 27 to June On June 13, , the Goldwater Institute filed two legal challenges to Glendale's vote to approve the lease. Goldwater's second filing was for contempt of court for Glendale's not releasing documents outlining arena management performance standards and how the arena budget should be submitted, and documents pertaining to a non-relocation agreement with Jamison. Fink ruled that an 'emergency clause' in the agreement barring voters from referring the agreement was unconstitutional.

Otherwise, Fink ruled that the agreement did not violate City of Glendale competitive bidding rules.

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Immediately following the ruling, a petition drive was started. If 1, signatures supporting a referendum vote on the deal were collected, the agreement would be voted on as part of November municipal elections. The votes had to be collected by July 16, As well as putting the lease agreement up for referendum, Glendale citizens may put a 2.

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The City of Glendale rejected the petitions on July During the summer and fall of , the lease agreement was revised between Glendale and Jamison. The revised lease agreement was approved by the outgoing Glendale Council 4—2 on November 27, On January 22, the Glendale City Council met for the first time with four new members, and failed to consider or discuss a new arena management agreement during the first three council meetings.

Glendale City Attorney Craig Tindall resigned during an executive session on February 26, , while Glendale worked without a permanent city manager, while facing a difficult budget process for fiscal On January 31, , Jamison released a statement saying he would be unable to complete the sale of the team under the conditions of the lease. By June, the ownership group had not yet been able to finalize a deal with the City of Glendale to play at Jobing. Although the NHL refused to publicly set a deadline, the need for the NHL to finalize its —14 schedule by earlier July, and Glendale's need to finalize its —14 budget by July 1, established a tight time-frame to work-out a new deal to keep the Coyotes in the Jobing.

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With the NHL Board of Governors scheduled to meet on June 27, it was widely anticipated that unless Glendale city council announced that a deal to keep the team in Arizona has been struck, the NHL would relocate the franchise to Seattle with its home games to be played out of the 11, seat KeyArena at Seattle Center until a new arena was completed.

The Glendale city council was scheduled to meet on June 25, in advance of the scheduled June 27 NHL Board of Governors' meeting, and the NHL issued the warning that "No decision could be a decision", meaning that a new arena deal was required, otherwise the NHL would be forced to relocate the franchise.

The group is mainly composed of investors from the energy sector, including George Gosbee of Edmonton, Alberta. Two other investors, finance industry executives Anthony LeBlanc and Daryl Jones, had been involved in previous attempts to buy the team. The National Hockey League filed a lawsuit against Jerry Moyes seeking to recover its costs and damages.

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