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Type of owner. Last reported odometer reading. Use this information to calculate whether the most recent owner is reporting accurate mileage. Reports might indicate that the vehicle has been in an accident, fire or flood and whether the airbag was deployed. As stated above, not every repair shop, fire and police department and body shop reports this type of damage. Always take the vehicle in question — even those at dealerships — to your own mechanic to look it over and provide a trusted opinion. A car history report is always a good idea.

Just remember that they might be missing details, so do your own research as well.

By empowering yourself with the full picture, you can be confident in your car purchase. Once you've found a car that fits your parameters, contact your insurance agent to make sure you have car insurance lined up so you're protected as soon as you get behind the wheel. On The Road.

Avoid buying a car with costly hidden problems by getting a CARFAX report

Classic Car Database is excited to offer vehicle history reports from a new partner ! Now, you can get instaVIN vehicle history report information for classic cars. Tracing the ownership history of a car is not as easy as it used to be You can check out club lists in car magazines like Old Cars Weekly or on.

Are Damage Reports Accurate? The short answer is: maybe. How would you rate this article?

Vehicle History Report for Classic Cars

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Car history gems are often hidden in here: service receipts that show the mileage at a certain age, documents showing previous owners, and notes detailing where cars have been in their lives. There are two checks you can perform online quickly and without cost that can give you a great deal of information about a classic car. One is the SORN check online.

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As long as you know the registration and the make, this can show you when the car was last taxed and the MOT passed. The DVLA may also be able to provide you with details of previous owners of the car, and copies of old log books, but a charge applies.

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Many manufacturers keep a list of their historic car records. These vary wildly- some can provide original engine, chassis and gearbox numbers, colours, production dates and dealer information, while others may just be able to confirm the build date. They also vary in price- some are free, but some come with a cost.

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Many classic cars now have model registers. Some are freely available online, and others may only be available to members. These are a gold mine- they can often give you details of previous owners and help track modifications such as engine changes. Entries into classic events, auction catalogue listings and previous advertisements can all appear.

This stated it had originally been sold by a specific London dealer. A few days later, a copy of the original cardex, showing details right down to the glove box key code, arrived in the post.

7 Items to Check to Verify You’re Not Getting Scammed on a Classic Car

Here, owners will be able to have their car inspected and receive a valuation certificate. What do you do with it? The key is to present it clearly and in a nice format. A nice history file really helps to show a car has been cherished.

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